[A - Aggramar-US] <Eternium> Recruiting for 10m Progression

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[A - Aggramar-US] <Eternium> Recruiting for 10m Progression

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<Eternium> on Aggramar-US is back and recruiting for our 10man progression run. After a year hiatus in raiding, we are returning to push end-game content with only raiding 6 hours and 2 nights per week. Most of the core team has has 13/14 and 14/14 normal experience in SoO, and the ones that do not are seasoned raiders with excellent track records that are returning to the game after a long break.

We are currently searching for:
One DPS, preferably melee. A Windwalker Monk, Frost DK, or Feral Druid would be preferred, but all exceptional candidates will be considered.
One Healer with a GOOD DPS offspec. Preference is Resto/Ele Shaman, but again all exceptional candidates will be considered.

About Us:
We are a small guild on Aggramar-US with a core that has been raiding together for some time. About 1 year ago we merged with another 10 man guild to run 25 mans, and after a year of 25s decided to return to 10s to reduce our raiding schedule and attempt to maximize our progression.

We raid:
Tuesdays 6:00pm-9:00pm CST
Wednesdays 6:00pm-9:00pm CST
*On occasion, during progression, may go slightly longer then 9:00pm CST and may add a third day if the raid agrees.

Etermium currently raid on Tuesday and Wednesday starting 6:00pm server time and ending at 9:15pm server time.
Raids may go longer then 9:15 depending on progression.
Occasionally we may use a third progression night. Progression nights may only be used when new content is introduced.
All raids will be scheduled via in-game calendar, in order to participate in a raid you must sign up.
Raiders are expected to show for all raids. You are making a committment to raid with us and with few backups attendance is very important.
If you are unable to make a scheduled raid that you have signed up for, we ask that you let an officer know prior to the raid with as much notice as possible.
Raiders are expected to be online and ready for invites 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the raid, unless an officer is notified beforehand that you will be late.
Raiders are expected to have all gear gemmed and enchanted appropriately, and use flasks and food buffs corresponding to their roles within the raid group at all times.
Raiders are expected to make a reasonable effort to improve their knowledge and skill to maximize their characters effectiveness in raid encounters.

Loot rewards will be handed out by a Master Looter. Master Looter will be determined prior to the start of the raid.
Loot will be awarded via a /roll system, priority will be given to main spec.
Players are encouraged to discuss loot and consider passing for players who gain greater benefit from the item.
All loot not rolled on will be sharded and sent to the guild bank.
All BOE loot, unless needed by a raider, will go to the guild bank for guild funds.
All guild crafting materials will be used by the guild to create BOE items for guild funds. Crafting materials can be used for crafted gear for raiders at officer's discretion.

How to Apply:
Please visit our website at, eterniumguild.com, or contact Lutherian or Zainitopia in-game for more information!

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