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Hello all!

We're looking for either a Mage, Warrior, Rogue, Windwalker Monk or Feral Kitty with a good attitude who wants to see the content and progress through it on a weekly basis! We have one DPS spot available to fill out our raid composition. We just dropped Garrosh on Norm 10 and are looking to start Heroic progression prior to next prepatch.

We are on the US Server Thunderhorn - HORDE! Our guild is established and has been raiding together for +5 years!

A little more about us...

<Blood of the Exiled> is a dedicated progression raiding guild that believes good people can be good players. We’ve been established since late Wrath of the Lich King, raiding successfully through Cataclysm and into Mists of Pandaria. As a raid, we put a lot of emphasis on dedication and reliability. However, we also believe in order to be successful, the game has to remain fun. Even when you're progression wiping.

We are very serious about Raiding and enjoying every bit of success we create. Our raiders are expected to put forth their best at all times, push themselves to be effective at their class and be able to heed any advice given to make them better. We believe in pushing people to their potential, not pushing them out for making mistakes.

Our raiding team meets Thursday/Sunday/Monday from 8:00PM server (CST) to 11:00PM server. We are the kind of raiding guild that benefits people who want to see endgame raiding, but also have a life, schedule, or responsibilities they need to attend to as well.

Recruitment is always open, as we’ll take anyone interested in joining and raiding/playing in any capacity. We are not age-biased, as we have anywhere from College to Working Professionals in our ranks, nor are we gender-biased, as we have couples in our ranks as well. Feel free to speak to an officer or the Guild Leader in-game.

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