(US-Hyjal)[H] <North> 14/14HM LFM for mythic and WoD

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(US-Hyjal)[H] <North> 14/14HM LFM for mythic and WoD

Post#1 » Thu Oct 16, 2014 9:47 pm

<North> 14/14H is currently looking to up our Roster to 22-25 people for the new Mythic raiding. We currently run a 12man roster for our 10man raid. All of our current raiders are 25man raiders still on the grind of farming the BOA’s.

Raid Times
Tuesday 8-11pst
Wednesday 8-11pst
Thursday 8-11pst

Recruitment Needs:
Ranged DPS
Shadow Priest
Elemental Shaman

Melee DPS
Enhancement Shaman

Resto Shaman
Holy Pally

Any exceptional Players may apply regardless of spec.

Looking for players with a minimum item level of 575. 11/14H kill experience.

To apply please whisper Yawn#1435 in game for more information.

Requirements for raiding:

• Have mumble and working headset (must be able to listen and communicate).
• Listen attentively to instructions given and execute them
• Ability to communicate is key, especially about CD usage or movements that affect other raiders be that positioning or something else.
• Exceptional raid awareness - A dead DPS means NO DPS.
• Willing and able to take constructive criticism and advice on ways to improve gameplay
• Able to accept mistakes made, fix, and move on.
• Class knowledge is a MUST, researching your class and being able to make own adjustments to improve
• Stable internet connection!- We all have times where our internet goes out or become temporarily unreliable but a consistently stable connection is a MUST!


If you feel you can meet these requirements please apply and contact Yawn#1435 in game

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