<Bonepile> Hyjal-US 6/7H Recruiting

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<Bonepile> Hyjal-US 6/7H Recruiting

Post#1 » Tue Jan 13, 2015 5:54 pm

Bonepile is a heroic/mythic raiding guild with a focus on end-game play. Currently, we are looking to expand our guild with experienced end game players who thrive in a team concept.

Bonepile places on emphasis on

[li]Progression[/li][li]Fun, humor and good times while raiding[/li][li]Roster longevity and guild loyalty[/li][/ul]

We are seeking the following classes/roles for core raiding:

[li]Druid (Resto/Balance)[/li][li]Priest (Holy/Shadow)[/li][li]Shaman (Resto/Ele)[/li][li]Hunter (RDPS)[/li][li]Tank (Plate wearing class)[/li][/ul]

RAID TIMES: Wed, Thurs, Mon 8PM-11PM Pacific Standard Time

Our raid environment is progression oriented with a focus on team unity. We run a positive, rage free, and ol'school environment. Players are 20 to 50 years of age with raiding experience ranging from Vanilla to Cataclysm expansions. Some players have top 100 Guild experience and choose to raid with Bonepile because we emphasize a fun environment.

Guild Details
[li]200 member/characters[/li][li]Alt runs[/li][li]Social, fun, achieves, and other forms of play encouraged[/li][li]Core team end game focused[/li][/ul]

Reply to this thread, apply online (link below) or PST one of our members on realm for more information.

PST on Realm
Type the following (in game while on Hyjal US) to whisper any member.

Code: Select all

/who Bonepile guild

https://www.facebook.com/notes/bonepile ... 5812260939

https://www.facebook.com/notes/bonepile ... 4643235389


Bonepile Hyjal US

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