Trivial-Quel'Thalas/AN Recruiting Rdps/Healers for mythic.

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Trivial-Quel'Thalas/AN Recruiting Rdps/Healers for mythic.

Post#1 » Mon Jan 19, 2015 2:06 am

Trivial 7/7HC RecruitingRanged DPS[Healers To Strengthen our Core Raiding team! But fear not; if you don't meet the mythic requirements You can still apply for our SocialRaid team which raids normal/heroic!



Wednesday 20:00 / 23:00
Sunday 20:00 / 23:00


At the end of Mists of pandaria we were in the top 400 ranking guilds of europe!
but after some of our raiders wanted to raid 6 days a week. they decided to make their own guild!
so now in Warlords of draenor we want to get back to our top ranking status and be awesome!

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